Press Appearances

I speak with print, television, blog and radio media about smart cities, transportation, gender, and urban planning for the future of cities. Samples are below. For press inquiries, contact me.


NBC Nightly News

Taxis and Uber

Mitigating the L Train Shutdown

Q&A in Vice

Art: Lia Kantrowitz
Art: Lia Kantrowitz

“Access-A-Ride” or Stress-A-Ride?

PBS Metrofocus

Proposed Changes to the MTA’s Pricey Access-A-Ride Program


The Secret Uber Data That Could Fix Your Commute


A Mission for Citi Bike: Recruiting More Female Cyclists

The New York Times

Areas of Focus

  • Smart Cities

    Researching and writing about the future of urban management and livability, and teaching Intelligent Cities graduate course. Focusing on the impacts of ubiquitous internet, open government data, web privacy and civic hacking.

  • Paratransit

    Recommended improvements to mobility for the disabled in Intelligent Paratransit report, identifying fourteen technology improvements to this service.

    /download the report/

  • Driverless Cars

    Researching and speaking about the future of autonomous vehicles in cities. Considering the future of smart infrastructure, connected vehicles, professional drivers and freight management.

  • Urban Protest

    Analyzing the role of city streets in political protest for racial, gender, immigrant and other causes. Reports forthcoming in Summer 2017.